Twitter politely asks you to accept ad targeting on iOS

Twitter must now ask iOS 14.5 users for permission to track their activity and better target ads
Twitter must now ask iOS 14.5 users for permission to track their activity and better target ads

With the arrival of iOS 14.5, Apple implemented App Tracking Transparency, which is the transparency of application tracking. Developers now need to request user permission to collect their data and do ad targeting.

However, an overwhelming majority of users took the opportunity to refuse this tracking. In the United States, 95% of iOS 14.5 users said no to this tracking. A position that undermines the highly profitable advertising model of many applications, including Twitter, reports  The Verge relayed by  Presse-Citron .

A “modest” impact for users

Twitter now displays a clear message asking users to accept ad targeting. “To keep the ads relevant to you, Twitter can track data from other companies on this device,” read a message displayed on its users’ screens.

The social network takes the opportunity to reassure users about the use made of their data. He also indicates that the new regulation of Apple will have only a “modest” impact on its activity, as it had already announced during the announcement of its latest quarterly results, recalls Presse-Citron.

Facebook and Instagram soon to pay?

Facebook and Instagram, which find themselves in the same situation, have chosen a more abrupt approach and directly threaten the free availability of their services. “This version of iOS requires us to request permission to track certain data,” they say.

“We use information about your activity to: show you more personalized ads, help keep Facebook free [and] help businesses that rely on ads to reach their customers,” the post goes on to say. 

To learn more about the economic consequences of the App Tracking Transparency, we will have to wait for the results of the next quarter for all these platforms.

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