Stranger Things season 4 release date, summary, cast, And Everything

Are you eagerly awaiting Season 4 of Netflix’s now cult sci-fi series Stranger Things? You have come to the right place, since this file aims to provide you with as much information as possible about it. If you haven’t seen the first three seasons yet, beware: this dossier contains a lot of spoilers!

The Season 4 Stranger Things coming! New episodes of Netflix’s fantasy series will soon be released and a first teaser has even been released. 

While waiting for the streaming site to announce a broadcast date, we take stock of everything we already know about this season 4, on the rumors, the story, the cast, and all the expectations of the fans.


No release date has yet been revealed. The filming of season 4 of Strangers Things was unfortunately not spared by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Filming had indeed started on January 7, 2020, with an end scheduled for early August, until the health crisis halted international television and film production in March. 

Only two episodes could be shot. Netflix resumed filming of season 4 of Stranger Things in October 2020. It is not known how many episodes have been shot since the resumption. 

Asked about the question, actor Gaten Matarazzo, the interpreter of Dustin, suggests that the shooting has accumulated a lot of delay because of sanitary measures. 

Based on the release dates of previous seasons (winter for season 1, fall for season 2, summer for season 3), there was a good chance that season 4 would air.

in spring 2021 and also during a period of school holidays. On the other hand, the health crisis has caused many delays in filming, and it now seems inevitable that the broadcast of season 4 will take place either at the end of the second half of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022 .


A good part of the actors of the series will a priori be present in season 4, even if things can evolve between now and the release and that nothing is for the moment completely official at 100%.

“Hop [Hopper] told us to leave the door open 3 inches … you are welcome” read a Tweet posted on March 3, 2020, by the official Twitter account of the series, in a very nice video and shot old-fashioned,

where you can see a good part of the cast. So far, the presence of these actors has been confirmed:

  • Noah Schnapp (Will),
  • Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven),
  • Finn Wolfhard (Mike)
  • Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin)
  • Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas)
  • Erica (Priah Ferguson)
  • Joyce (Winona Ryder)
  • Sadie Sink (Max)
  • Joe Keery (Steve)
  • Natalia Dyer (Nancy)
  • Charlie Heaton (Jonathan)
  • Maya Hawke (Robin)
  • And of course David Harbor (Hopper), who we saw working on a railroad in Russia.

We also know that Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’ghar in Game of Thrones) will appear in season 4, as well as Joel Stoffer , one of the actors of Agents of SHIELD.

Be careful, spoilers. Of course, we don’t expect to see either Dacre Montgomery (Billy), Alec Utgoff (Alexei), or Shannon Purser (Barbara Holland) again. The November 1983 Demogorgon should not reappear either.


We do not yet know exactly where the action will take place in season 4 of Stranger Things, although some information has already appeared on the web. 

We especially know that Matt Duffer (Ross Duffer’s brother, the Dufflers being the writers and creators of the series) had spoken about the filming locations during an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “I think the biggest thing that’s going to happen [for season 4] is things are going to open up a bit. 

Not necessarily in terms of scale itself, nor in terms of special effects, but rather in terms of allowing the plot to emerge in other areas, located outside of Hawkins ”. A quote from one of the fathers of the series, therefore, which promised an opening (geographical, you will understand) for the rest of the events. 

For example, we know that part of the filming has already taken place in Vilnius, Lithuania, according to Millie Bobby Brown and a leaked video from Twitter StrangerThingsSpoiler. 

A very mysterious tweet from the official account of the series had subsequently confirmed this possibility in September 2019: “we are no longer in Hawkins”, could we read above a (microscopic) teaser.

The working title used for the shooting of season 4 is “TARECO” (we inquired, it is a Brazilian cookie from the Northeast region). 

As part of the Hot Spots: New Mexico conference, Patty Whitcher and Momita SenGupta, Netflix VPs of Production, spoke about potential filming locations: “Season 4 is Bigger, Bolder, and More complex than ever. This is the first time the series will travel beyond Atlanta ” .

To the question “can we expect scenes to be filmed in Russia?” SenGrupta replied with humor: “If I answered you that, I would disappear into a witness protection program”. 

However, it will have lifted the veil on new ultramodern facilities established in New Mexico for Netflix, which would have “lent themselves to history” for season 4, without further details.

Part of the story should still take place in Hawkins, since according to Atlanta Magazine, the first shoots took place in Stockbridge and the Patrick Henry Adult Education Center in Atlanta on March 4. 

Other surrounding locations were also used for filming, such as a private liberal arts college located in Mount Berry, also in Atlanta, Georgia. Between March 13 and March 14, 2020, the series also reportedly set up a base camp near Costco Wholesale on Fischer Road, outside of Peachtree City.

The actors of the series have no shortage of adjectives to describe this 4th season. In an interview with CBC, Finn Wolfhard, interpreter of Mike Wheeler, declared that it will be  “the darkest of all”,  adding that “every year it goes up a notch”. Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson) said it is “the scariest season compared to the three previous”.


First things first: For those who would like to read a recap of the previous episodes, Stranger Things is a Netflix sci-fi series set in 1983 , in Hawkins, a quiet little town in Roane County, in the state of Indiana, United States. 

The first season revolves around the mysterious disappearance of young Will Buyers, after an evening spent in the companion of his friends Dustin, Lucas, and Mike. While looking for him, the three boys meet Onze (Eleven), a strange young girl. 

City Police Chief Jim Hopper decides to investigate and suspects Hawkins National Laboratory, which he believes is involved in the emergence of many mysteries and other supernatural phenomena.

Be careful, spoilers. The second season takes place in the fall, a year after the eventful return of Will Byers . The story continues: The citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still afraid of the Demogorgon and the secrets of the Laboratory. 

Eleven is missing, and Mike is still looking for her. Due to his time in the Upside Down, the other world, Will is no longer the same, constantly invaded by terrible visions. A sinister entity always threatens those who survived.

The season 3 , aired last season to date, takes place once again a year after the events of season 2 . So we are in 1985, still in Hawkins, this time in the middle of summer. The school year is over and the city welcomes a brand new shopping center… which will be one of the key points of this season. 

Whether it’s Will, Mike, Eleven, Dustin or Lucas, the whole gang has grown and evolved, each in their own way. Adolescent issues settle in, with them the first love stories and other romances. But during this time, danger lurks: they will have to unite to face an increasingly strong enemy.

Remember: the main storyline of Season 3 revolved around a group of Russians who had made a machine capable of opening the door to the other world, located under Hawkins. 

As the kids sought to stop the Mind Flayer , Hopper and Joyce embarked on their own quest to stop the Russians, with the help of scientist Alexei and ex-journalist turned conspiracy theorist. Murray Bauman. In the end, as Joyce tries to stop the machine, Hopper is in the middle of a fight with Grigori, a Russian sent to stop them. 

Hawkins’ cop and Eleven’s adoptive father finally sacrifices himself for his town as Joyce prepares to close the portal to the next world. The third season ends on a tragic note:Joyce Byers and her children, Jonathan and Will, leave Hawkins with Eleven .


You will probably not have missed it, the Stranger Things series has been responsible for a myriad of theories on the Internet since the very first season was released on July 15, 2016.

We now know that Stranger Things has been inspired many times by ‘fictional works, such as some Stephen King stories, or other references to pop culture, such as the medieval and fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. 

On closer inspection, we also realize that the series was inspired by real events, such as the MK-Ultra project, an illegal secret CIA project from the 1950s to 1970s which aimed to develop manipulation techniques. 

Between a genre focused on science fiction that leaves room for the imagination and a story that takes place in the 80s, the writers of the series have plenty to do.

And precisely, let’s talk about it, the 1980s. The fall of the communist regimes in Europe would it not have taken place in 1989, after more than forty years of the cold war between the United States and Russia? 

Hey, and wouldn’t Stranger Things season 3 take place in 1985, showing Russians trying to hide an experimental machine? Isn’t the prison where Jim Hopper appears to be in the post-credits scene a Russian prison? You’re starting to see where the theories for Season 4 are going. 

Assuming that season 4 follows “the pattern” of previous seasons and also takes place a year later, in 1986, the latter could easily be linked to the worst nuclear disaster in history: Chernobyl.

It is therefore quite possible that the other world is directly related to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, a major nuclear accident that occurred on April 26, 1986 (hey, in the spring, as if by chance!) Within the nuclear power plant. VI Lenin, in Pripyat, USSR. 

Would it not be possible for the Russians to blow up the fourth reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant while trying to do a new experiment, like in season 3? Imagine for five seconds the effects of radioactive contamination on creatures like the Mind Flayer. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Especially since the latter is still stuck in the other world.

The veracity of this theory is not yet confirmed, however. Likewise, season 3 of Strangers Things was released, as a reminder, just over a month after Craig Mazin’s excellent miniseries Chernobyl, which plunged viewers into the horror and tragedy of this event. 

Let’s just say that the close release of these two series had, at the time, helped fans make the connection between the Chernobyl event and the eventual storyline for Season 4 of Stranger Things.

But if no plot has yet been confirmed for season 4, Matarazzo (Dustin) spoke in an interview for Vanity about the future of the series, the current theories, and the possible content of Season 4: “All theories are interesting, but my favorite is the one that says Suzy is actually a spy working for the Russian government. 

I find it so stupid, and yet so funny. I just hope it doesn’t, because that would be really weird! “. As for Gaten Matarazzo, the interpreter of the character of Dustin, it is according to him “ the scariest season compared to the three preceding ones. ”


On May 6, 2021, Netflix unveiled a teaser (or a short trailer, if you prefer) for Season 4 of Stranger Things. Entitled “Eleven, are you listening?”, We discover in this trailer what looks like a hospital center intended to welcome children. 

A man walks into a room (the doctor played by Matthew Modine) and says hello to the children there. They answer him by calling him “Dad”. He then explains to them that he has special plans for them today. 

The teaser ends with a close-up of a door that bears the number 11, then Eleven and these words “Eleven, are you listening to me?”.

There is no doubt about the children’s dress and the door number: the scene takes place during the time when Eleven was held captive by the organization in charge of studying her powers. The trailer therefore takes place before the first season of the series . 

The 4th season of the series should therefore return to the experiments undergone by the young girl in the early 80s, before she was taken in by Jim Hopper, then by Will’s family.

For the rest, the trailer is most enigmatic. The link between the events that took place in the early 80s and those that will be recounted in Season 4 of Stranger Things, which is supposed to take place in the late 80s / beginning of the decade, is currently unknown. next.


In a post-credits sequence of season 3, we discover Soviet soldiers in what appears to be a Russian prison talking about an “American”. Except that Jim Hopper was called this way by Grigori, foreshadowing that our favorite sheriff would still be alive.

The Stranger Things season 4 teaser video – which lasts just under a minute – says a lot about the rest of the series, including the sad fate that awaits Jim Hopper. 

Because yes, you read that correctly: Hopper is confirmed alive and is indeed locked in a Russian prison. The plot of season 4 and its official release date is for the moment well kept warm under seal by the American SVOD service.


According to TVLine, it is not 8, but 9 episodes that would actually be planned for season 4, as for season 2. According to Michael Ausellio, an American journalist, author and actor who is often well informed, this possible 9th episode would be centered around “origins” of a single character: 

I have also heard from one of the favorite characters of fans will its history, its origins, told in one, or more, of these nine episodes” if is- he voiced on TVLine, February 6, 2020. Who it will be, we’ll see!

In addition, if the We Got This Covered website is to be believed: “Netflix will most likely cut Stranger Things season 4 into two parts […] Part two, we were told, could be marketed like season 5, except that it will actually be the second half of season 4. It will continue the same scenario ” . The story of season 4 should therefore extend to season 5.


No, Stranger Things will have a season 5 . It’s not yet clear if this one will be the last, but it’s likely that Netflix will continue the series beyond. Here is what the Duffer brothers said about it: “  We know what the end is about, and we know when it is due. 

(The pandemic) has given us time to plan for everything, to figure out what’s best for the show. Doing this let us know how much time we needed to tell this story ”.


Even if we will have to wait until the fourth season to see the rest of the events, know that a retro game taken from season 3 of Stranger Things is available on the Microsoft Store in the United States. 

Note that there is also Stranger Things 3: The Game, another video game adaptation of the series, still around season 3.

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