Report: Twitter Is Planning a $2.99/Month Premium Subscription

Twitter is reportedly about to launch a subscription service to allow its “premium” users to correct a tweet a few seconds after it is sent.

Hong Kong-born blogger Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) is now famous for her predictions about upcoming app updates, a tech specialist. 

If Facebook, Instagram, or Spotify are among his favorite playgrounds, his latest target is Twitter. She has just revealed on her Twitter account what the microblogging social network will soon reserve for its subscribers.

A long-awaited “edit” button

According to her latest research, Jane Manchun Wong says that Twitter is currently preparing a paid version of its application, called “Twitter Blue”. Indeed, for the modest sum of $ 2.99 per month, the application could finally allow its subscribers to correct a tweet within a few seconds of its sending.

A feature that echoes the countless requests from users and which should, in theory, help to restore the image of the
social network .

Twitter Blue: other features in preparation

The tech blogger goes further and also announces a second feature for Twitter Blue: that of saving tweets and being able to organize them into collections. A way to easily find publications and then be able to share them with
other users.

In addition, Jane Manchun Wong does not exclude the creation of several types of subscriptions and the addition of other premium features such as the absence of ads. 

However, it remains cautious about its forecasts and announces that changes in pricing and features are possible before the official launch of Twitter Blue.

Ultimately, this new version of Twitter should make people happy with its new system of correction and collection of tweets. 

It remains to be seen whether users will be ready to spend a few euros per month for these relatively basic functionalities… To be continued.

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